How to thrive if you identify yourselves as a Type A Generalist?

Help others succeed

Whether it is your organization as a whole or your co-workers, make sure your work results in their success. If you make that your ambition, it would satisfy your Type A personality. The specialists in your organization cannot do many things you can. You are the best person to help those specialists. But this would take time and as a Type A person you may have a sense of urgency. So you have to get mentally prepared that this is for the long haul and you may not see success immediately.

Volunteer for things

In many situations, you may not be approached by others and hence it would be difficult to help others. In these situations you need to volunteer. For example, someone may not know you can be a wonderful reviewer. You could volunteer to look through their writing. Of course, it is crucial to be patient and do a thorough job. Being a generalist, you can perhaps bring to the table things the person you are helping may not realize. That is huge.

Seize opportunities when they knock

To volunteer for things to help others succeed, you need to look for opportunities. This is a critical first step as many times we do not know when or where the knock happens. Be sure to carefully parse through everything thrown at you (viz. emails, bulletin boards, and conversations). Soon enough there would be something you can volunteer for. But it is important to be patient and wait for the right knock.



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